San Gimignano

World famous as the “Town of towers”, or the “Manhattan of Tuscany”, San Gimignano is perhaps the best known village in Italy.

Originally this small village used to host 70 towers; today only 15 of them remain. Some of them are open to visitors but most remain closed, mainly due to preservation reasons.

San Gimignano was initially called “Castel della Selva” but in the 6th century the village people decided to re-name their town after a Saint named Gimignano, who saved them from the destruction caused by a Gothic army headed by King Totila.

Nowadays San Gimignano is a very popular touristic place with many Italians particularly on Saturday and Sunday and where the popular “passeggiata” (or walk), straits through the beautiful cobbled streets, providing the wonderful Italian atmosphere.

The streets of San Gimignano are lined by many shops, cafés, restaurants and bars.

If you need to get away for a moment from the crowded streets you can experience some amazingly breathtaking views from just outside the centre.